Desired State Configuration (DSC)

For many years you've had to ask yourself 'How do I manage the configuration of my servers and machines, when I have so many to manage?'. And in many cases this was a tedious and error-prone process.

Working without a password?

For as long as we can remember a password has been required to protect personal information. Over the years requirements for these passwords changed, you had to have capital, funny characters, and even length requirements!

After a while that just wasn't enough and we started adding MFA authentication apps and tokens to the mix... But in the end most people reuse the same password across many environments. And to be honest, having to create a password that's 12 characters long, has capitals, special characters, cannot be one of the previous 12 passwords every 90 days kind of encourages that behavior.

The only constant is change…

Last month I switched companies to InSpark, as most of you who follow me know. I did this for several reasons; most notably being I considered InSpark to be a better fit culture and challenge wise. Even my former colleagues said: "Go for it! They get a lot of work from us!"

Unfortunately I was informed last week that InSpark did not consider me a good fit, culture wise. Such a thing is never easy to hear, especially when your wife is 3 weeks away from delivering a child in to the world, and you're the sole earner in the family. And whilst the news which was being delivered was unpleasant, I have to commend them on not playing a blame game.

In the end, I believe the expectations were quite different. 7 Years at Microsoft shaped me in a certain way, and this seemed to be incompatible with the InSpark way of working.


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