The only constant is change…

Last month I switched companies to InSpark, as most of you who follow me know. I did this for several reasons; most notably being I considered InSpark to be a better fit culture and challenge wise. Even my former colleagues said: "Go for it! They get a lot of work from us!"

Unfortunately I was informed last week that InSpark did not consider me a good fit, culture wise. Such a thing is never easy to hear, especially when your wife is 3 weeks away from delivering a child in to the world, and you're the sole earner in the family. And whilst the news which was being delivered was unpleasant, I have to commend them on not playing a blame game.

In the end, I believe the expectations were quite different. 7 Years at Microsoft shaped me in a certain way, and this seemed to be incompatible with the InSpark way of working.

Azure Networking Basics

All that was, and ever will be starts with the network. After all, without networking, servers wouldn't serve, and just be lonely boxes (physical or virtual) sitting in a datacenter. Humming away in the night, with nobody to consume the services they so ambitiously provide...

The great old cloud

In essence, the cloud is nothing more than renting resource from another companies computers. It doesn't matter if you're renting storage space, CPU cycles, or applications, whoever you're renting from is referred to as a cloud provider.

Microsoft Azure

A long while again I spent quite a bit of time working with Azure, before life took its toll and my priorities shifted. As I've gone nuts with Office 365 I've been unable to expand my Azure knowledge... But Office 365 has turned in to a commodity. So once again it's time to pull the dusty old Azure cape out of the close, and brush up on my knowledge. As always, learning (or re-learning in this case!) means I'm starting from the beginning. Follow by plowing through the easy bits to ensure they're fresh in my 'little grey cells'.


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