The only constant is change…

Last month I switched companies to InSpark, as most of you who follow me know. I did this for several reasons; most notably being I considered InSpark to be a better fit culture and challenge wise. Even my former colleagues said: “Go for it! They get a lot of work from us!”

Unfortunately I was informed last week that InSpark did not consider me a good fit, culture wise. Such a thing is never easy to hear, especially when your wife is 3 weeks away from delivering a child in to the world, and you’re the sole earner in the family. And whilst the news which was being delivered was unpleasant, I have to commend them on not playing a blame game.

In the end, I believe the expectations were quite different. 7 Years at Microsoft shaped me in a certain way, and this seemed to be incompatible with the InSpark way of working.

What to do…

Well, I did what every slightly crazed person would do in such a situation. I attempted to keep my cool during the conversation (which wasn’t always easy), understand their point of view, and see if there was anything to be learned from the feedback provided.

After which, I stepped in my car, blared music hard, and screamed profanities :). What can I say… It’s a coping mechanism.

Fear & loathing in the Netherlands

I’ve never been fired in my life. I’ve never had any difficulty getting through a probation period. The news that was delivered to me seriously dented my ego, and I worried about what the future would bring. Whilst there are a lot of IT jobs out there, I’m picky when it comes to what I want to do in life. I didn’t want to take a job, just to have a job. Although I did tell my better half I’d go flip burgers if need be.

Reluctantly I updated my resume, posted it only, and let my network know I was available for a new role. And while I was still reeling from losing the role I wanted to make work, my wife and child cheered me up.

It took me a grand total of 2 days to be offered a different job. That didn’t only hit me as a 10 ton truck hits a turtle on the freeway, it also let me know that knowledgeable Cloud people are far more in demand than I thought.

What the future holds

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone is going to be able to pull this one off. I do realize that I’m extremely fortunate to have secured a new role this fast. Today I officially started at Ciber Netherlands as a Principal Consultant to lead the BizTech division.

As with everything, I intend to give it my all. Secretly I’m still bummed I lost the role at InSpark, if only for my ego. But I’m also very exited to go and do what I’ve been asked to do at Ciber.

A new day, a new challenge. And as always:

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