Desired State Configuration (DSC)

For many years you’ve had to ask yourself ‘How do I manage the configuration of my servers and machines, when I have so many to manage?’. And in many cases this was a tedious and error-prone process.

Take my years as an Exchange administrator, for example. I built scripts that would automate all prerequisites, and ensure everything was configured properly. Something that involved a lot of trial and error!

What if you’re managing more than just a handful of servers? What if you’re responsible for security settings? How do you not only ensure the servers are configured properly, but stay configured that way?

Enter the Desired State

Azure Automation Desired State Configuration (AA DSC) proves an answer to a lot of questions and challenges that you may have. With AA DSC, you can:

  • Ensure all machines are configured and stay configured in their intended state.
  • Prevent configuration drift due to actions from people, processes, or programs.
  • Make new machines have matching configurations based on role.
  • Set seamless configurations for all or a subset of machines.
  • Control access to who can change the configurations.
  • Orchestrate configuration changes without impacting uptime.
  • Do all of the above, across on-premises and public cloud machines. And across Windows and Linux machines.

Sounds good no? It sounds pretty amazing if you ask me! AA DSC Has been built on top of what was introduced in PowerShell Desired State Configuration, and provides a nice an easy management experience through the Azure portal.

Screenshot of the Azure Automation page


Best thing of all is that AA DSC is free if your node lives on Azure! You also get 5 free non-azure nodes!

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