The only constant is change…

Last month I switched companies to InSpark, as most of you who follow me know. I did this for several reasons; most notably being I considered InSpark to be a better fit culture and challenge wise. Even my former colleagues said: "Go for it! They get a lot of work from us!"

Unfortunately I was informed last week that InSpark did not consider me a good fit, culture wise. Such a thing is never easy to hear, especially when your wife is 3 weeks away from delivering a child in to the world, and you're the sole earner in the family. And whilst the news which was being delivered was unpleasant, I have to commend them on not playing a blame game.

In the end, I believe the expectations were quite different. 7 Years at Microsoft shaped me in a certain way, and this seemed to be incompatible with the InSpark way of working.


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