Working without a password?

For as long as we can remember a password has been required to protect personal information. Over the years requirements for these passwords changed, you had to have capital, funny characters, and even length requirements!

After a while that just wasn't enough and we started adding MFA authentication apps and tokens to the mix... But in the end most people reuse the same password across many environments. And to be honest, having to create a password that's 12 characters long, has capitals, special characters, cannot be one of the previous 12 passwords every 90 days kind of encourages that behavior.

The curious case of seemingly random SPF failures in an Exchange Hybrid

Or "How I found out about - Tenant Attribution - and what the heck it is..." An email gets send from our on-premises environment (or comes to our on-premises via the hybrid servers...). Since we're using mail gateways, Exchange routes this message to the mail gateways living in the DMZ The mail gateways do their DNS lookup, see that the mail should be routed to EOP, and establish a connection to deliver the mail (TLS secured, since this is enabled on the mail gateways!) EOP receives the message, goes throught its rule list and delivers the message to Exchange Online Exchange Online delivers the message to the intended recipient...

Changes to Office 365

Microsoft, in all its wisdom, announced a number of improvements to the service to help reduce cost, increase security, and boost employee productivity.


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