The curious case of seemingly random SPF failures in an Exchange Hybrid

Or "How I found out about - Tenant Attribution - and what the heck it is..." An email gets send from our on-premises environment (or comes to our on-premises via the hybrid servers...). Since we're using mail gateways, Exchange routes this message to the mail gateways living in the DMZ The mail gateways do their DNS lookup, see that the mail should be routed to EOP, and establish a connection to deliver the mail (TLS secured, since this is enabled on the mail gateways!) EOP receives the message, goes throught its rule list and delivers the message to Exchange Online Exchange Online delivers the message to the intended recipient...

Creating Graphical User Interfaces – Working with rows and columns

Rows and columns are things I've recently started to dive in to since I was getting fairly annoyed when I was building larger user interfaces. They're pretty powerfull, but it took me a while to get my head around the capabilities… In essence you are setting up your grid element(s) to have predefined sizes, and drop working with the margin properties so whatever control you place in a row or column takes it up completely.

Changes to Office 365

Microsoft, in all its wisdom, announced a number of improvements to the service to help reduce cost, increase security, and boost employee productivity.

Troubleshooting the information store service

A lot of calls I get are related to the information store service of the exchange server not starting. Since troubleshooting why this services does not start is often related to alot of stress (after all, your users and managers will be pounding your door as they cannot access their email) it is always handy to have some reference as to where you can start and what direction it can take.


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